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Making Changes To A Family Law Order

Divorce decrees and family court orders are not necessarily set in stone. Child support, spousal support and child custody can all be modified to reflect changing life circumstances. Even while the divorce is still pending, you may be able to modify court orders.

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Modifying Child Custody Orders

If both parents agree to change the existing custody arrangement, it can be relatively easy to obtain court approval and implement the change. However, if one parent does not agree, it becomes necessary to seek a modification in court. Court permission is also required for child relocation to another state.

When determining whether to grant a modification, courts consider whether there has been a change of circumstances. Above all, they will consider whether the new arrangement would serve the child’s best interests.

Are Changes To Your Child Support Conceivable?

Child support orders may be modified in certain circumstances, such as a parent’s job loss or change in income. Until the court approves the modification, failure to pay your full child support can lead to serious consequences.

The county can take invasive action to pursue enforcement of support obligations. You can lose your driver’s license, face wage garnishment or even end up in jail. For that reason, it is very important to speak with a family law attorney before pursuing a child support modification.

When Can Your Spousal Support Be Modified?

Spousal support, also called alimony, may be modified in some situations. In order to obtain a modification after the divorce is finalized, you must generally prove a material change in circumstances warranting the change.

Examples of circumstances that may warrant a post-divorce modification include:

  • Change in income or expenses
  • Change in child support obligation
  • Loss of a job
  • Remarriage or cohabitation
  • Retirement
  • Medical condition or disability

Consult with a family law attorney to determine whether it may be possible to modify the support order in your case.

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