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Resolving Child Custody Issues

Divorce can have a major impact on children. It typically gives rise to many changes in their lives, from their living situation to the amount of time they spend with each parent to their ability to stay connected with friends and relatives.

I am Andrew E. Stadler, a proven California family law attorney. Using skills developed over many years, I can help you protect your parental rights and create a customized solution that is best for your family.

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What Custody Arrangement Is Best For Your Family?

As a parent, you are likely concerned about maintaining meaningful involvement in your children’s lives following a custody dispute. And rightfully so because children are generally better off when they spend roughly equal time with both parents . Your children’s well-being as well as your parental rights are of paramount concern.

I represent parents in custody disputes that arise in the context of divorce as well as those outside the divorce process — for example, those coupled with paternity cases. Additionally, I assist clients seeking to modify existing visitation arrangements, whether they involve sole custody or joint custody.

When you choose me as your legal adviser, I will afford your case the same high level of importance that you do. You can rest assured with the knowledge that I will work hard to protect your relationship with your children.

What You Can Expect

In California, before reaching the courtroom, parents must go through a form of mediation to try to resolve custody and visitation disputes. The mediator will then make a recommendation to the court.

When you meet with me, I will prepare you for mediation and let you know what to expect. I will readily address any and all concerns you may have so you can feel comfortable throughout the process.

When the most important part of your life — your relationship with your children — is at stake, you can be certain I will do everything in my power to protect that relationship.

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