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Customized Solutions To Divorce Issues

Many people do not believe divorce can happen to them. When they find themselves suddenly facing divorce or separation, it comes as a shock and disappointment. Not only can the emotional impact be overwhelming, but the legal ramifications alone are daunting.

I am Andrew E. Stadler, an experienced California family attorney. I understand the emotions, fears and worries that often accompany divorce. My goal is to shoulder your burdens and help you transition smoothly and confidently into the next stage of life.

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Reassurance That You Will Be Protected

Clients often come to me with fears and horror stories about divorce. The media and popular culture perpetuate the belief that divorce always wreaks havoc on the couple’s finances, children and lifestyle. Many people believe they will lose everything they have worked for, including their kids and property, in divorce.

Fortunately, these scare tactics are drastically exaggerated. Consulting with a family law attorney can ease your fears and give you reassurance about what to expect going forward.

Which Issues Do You Need To Resolve?

As a family law attorney with many years of experience, I take pride in offering personalized, attentive and cost-effective legal counsel.

I represent clients in all aspects of divorce cases, both contested and uncontested, including:

As a trained facilitator in divorce mediation as well as an experienced lawyer, I can use the means for dispute resolution that make the most sense for your situation.

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